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From your initial phone call to our friendly sales staff, we will discuss your specific needs and find you a modular trailer that will work best for you.

Acer Trailer services the tri state area’s modular housing needs with pride and integrity. We understand that you have many options that may suit your modular building requirements. Choosing a modular trailer from Acer Trailer will provide you with the peace of mind you need when investing in such a large purchase. The benefits of modular trailers are manifold. Our customers choose trailers for their economical value as compared to traditional construction, the speed of delivery when timing is a concern, and the convenience of being able to relocate with minimal hassle. Our customers choose Acer Trailer over our competition for our competitive pricing and our superior customer service. We are a family owned business that takes pride in intimately understanding the needs of our individual customers and tailoring a package that fulfills all their requirements. There are many options available and we help you navigate the modular building arena.

From your initial phone call to our friendly sales staff, we will discuss your specific needs and find you a modular trailer that will work best for you.

Are you looking for extra classroom space for your school? We have classroom trailers with school room amenities like marker boards, handicap accessibility, restrooms and many sizing options depending on the class size.

Is your synagogue or house of worship under construction or extending? We have modular trailers with you in mind, outfitted for additional HVAC and weight load.

Traditionally, construction site offices are trailers due to the nature of the business, as they are easily moved from job site to job site. We understand that these trailers typically see more abuse than a regular trailer and will provide you with a trailer with stronger steel frame construction.

Our Testimonials

I dealt with Mr. S Mashinsky of Acer Trailer and have one word to describe him: A mentch.
He got it done, and got it done right. There were no corners cut. The price he quoted was the price he delivered. He was easy to reach and always returned our calls. He even called up a few weeks after installation to check up on us to make sure we were satisfied.
Mr. Mashinsky and the staff at Acer Trailer know their stuff cold. We had 2 large empty “rooms” that needed to be configured into school rooms. He showed us everything laid out visually so we understood the whole plan and there were no surprises. He knew where the ducts were in the ceiling of the trailer and knew to place the walls of the rooms in the right position so that one room wouldn’t have too much ductwork and one room too little. It’s the small details that sets apart a person with experience.
If you want to security and peace of mind of dealing with the pro’s, call Acer Trailer.

Board of Ed
Private School, Location: James St, Lakewood NJ

I am the administrator of a local private school. Our registration was the upcoming school year was over anybody’s anticipated figures. Feeling the communal responsibility to provide education for our children but faced with a serious space restriction, our board of directors decided to look into modular schoolrooms. We spoke to a few companies and settled on Acer Trailer. They consistently answered our phone calls and returned our messages in a timely fashion. They had patience to answer all our numerous questions. We felt safe dealing with a company with the experience of Acer Trailer. And lastly, they delivered the classrooms as promised ahead of schedule and within our budget. We had a smooth experience expanding our current capacity to accommodate a greater amount of students for the upcoming school year. Thank you for your help.

Gerald S
School Administrator, Lakewood NJ